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Michaelmas day

29th of September from 11 AM to 3 PM

Michaelmas day marked the beginning of winter: the work in the fields was finished and the cattle were driven to the cattle shed. Men went to stock up on the firewood, women started with indoor handicrafts, and kids were brought back from the herd to the school bench. A sheep was killed as a sacrifice and potato and swede dishes are on the table. Michaelmas Day had to be celebrated so that the wolf would not come to the herd next summer and the crops would still grow well in the field. The Old Believers and Setos Sedus began to prepare for fasting.

Come and become a part of Michaelmas day at the Estonian Open Air Museum. Entry is free for everyone!


Härjapea farm

It is time to find the spinning wheel and knitting needles! The farm’s hostess introduces the art of spinning and shows weaving works in progress.

Kuie school

Michaelmas day marked the end of outdoor work and the start of school for children. You can find out what the life of a schoolchild looked like in the old days.

Kolkhoz apartment building

Once the potatoes are in the garner and the rooms have been cleaned, you can get ready to receive guests. The hostess prepares an apple pie in the 2019 apartment.


Setu farm

Long wintertime awaits. To keep the cold outside of the room, it is a good idea to put moss between the walls on Michaelmas day. For the winter fasting period, you should stock up on food that you can eat during the fasting period. The hostess of the farm dries mushrooms so that they can be used in pies, soups, and stews during the winter.

Russian House from Peipus

Vegetable gardening has been the largest source of livelihood for Russian Old Believers near Lake Peipus for centuries, and chicory is one of the most common crops. In autumn, chicory roots must be picked up from the ground, washed, chopped by hand, roasted, and grounded. This whole process of processing a coffee substitute can be seen in a Russian House from Peipus.

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