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Gardens and plants

The Estonian Open Air Museum is like a village of its kind, with farm buildings assembled from all over the country. Our museum is mainly known as a place that introduces rural architecture and folk calendar holidays. Yet, besides this, there is an increasingly popular reason to come here to get acquainted with gardens and garden plants. On the museum’s farms visitors can take delight in the lush vegetation of flowerbeds, vegetable plots, fruit trees, and berry bushes.

In the late 1990s, the Estonian Open Air Museum started to pay more attention to gardening. As one of the first projects, we created a sample garden at Sassi-Jaani farm. Here we introduce essential food and functional plants that have been grown in our gardens and fields through the ages. Step by step we have laid out new gardens and supplemented the existing ones located next to our exhibit buildings.

Heritage garden plants complement farm buildings on the museum’s permanent display. They create a more natural and homely atmosphere. At the same time, growing and introducing heritage plants at the museum contributes to their survival and distribution. The museum’s gardens tell the history of Estonian gardening, yet by means of garden plants history can be viewed from a different angle.

We have organised guided tours, trainings, seminars, and special programmes. The springtime garden lessons for children are very popular. The open-air museum has become a good training venue for horticulture students who are interested in historical gardening and heritage plants.

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