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Collections, Research and Building Heritage

Sources and Databases

Various digital databases help the researcher of farm history and other topics.

  • Rural building heritage database (barn-dwellings, township community houses, schoolhouses)
  • Photographic database of the National Archives Fotis
  • Museums webgate MuIS
  • Environment for historical photos Ajapaik
  • Land Board historical maps application
  • Map database of the National Archives (instructions for using the map database)
  • Environment of digitized sources in the National Archives Saaga
  • Farms bought out in Pärnu County - database
  • Environment of the National Archives VAU

The databases of historical materials are largely based on the administrative division of the former time, many of the names of villages and farms have changed over time. So if your searches don't return results right away, you shouldn't give up, but experiment with different queries and keywords.

Northern Estonia
Western Estonia
Southern Estonia