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Family visits

Estonian Open Air Museum is a safe, educational and exciting place to visit for families with children. Here every child can jump into the puddle, run, shout and whoop carefree. You can pat the animals, pick flowers or have a fun snow war with your family.

  • Ride on horse carriage or sleigh brings joy both to old and young. Horses Amoros and Elbrus stop at the Kolu Inn. Tickets are sold by coachman and Kolu Inn. During the winter season, it is worth announcing the wish to ride a horse already at the ticket office, then the coachman knows to be ready in time. More information here and at the museum ticket office.
  • You can visit the museum with a pram and your own bicycles. Bicycles (including highchairs), strollers or, if a day is snowy, kick-sledges, can be rented at the box office during your stay. Bicycles for infants are free to use during your stay. See also
  • Napkins can be changed at museum ticket office, Setu farm and Kolu Inn.
  • Baby food, drinks and nappies are on sale in the museum shop. Kolu Inn delights children with baby food and children’s menu.
  • Children's playgrounds are in the courtyard and in the stable area of Kolu Inn. Hosts are happy to give children board games and drawing tools – feel free to ask the waiter.
  • On the ground floor of kolkhoze apartment building there is a children’s play and activity area. You can play there boardgames from 1970s and 1980s, try, how a disk phone works, how much a pack of milk weighs and much more exciting. At the same time, adults can enjoy the children's programs of the time.
  • The swings are located on the swing square, on the village green of Setu farm and on the village square.
  • Interactive and educational games are available for families and school-age children from the NUMU smart app
See more about the activities at the farms. 

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