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Conservation and Digitisation Centre Kanut

For Museums

Kanut has mainly been established to service Estonian museums. We provide quality-ensured services of conservation, restoration, and digitising and offer counselling in these fields.

Our strengths are long-term experience and experts who are competent in conservation of a wide variety of materials. We have significantly improved our digitising capacity during the recent years. We most probably have the best technology and knowledge in Estonia for digitising objects, negatives, and glass plate negatives.

We organise training courses and counselling days for restorers and conservators as well as welcome interested people to practical training. We also provide certification to conservators.

The state museums governed by the Ministry of Culture and the foundations using the Ministry of Culture’s museum collection can use Kanut’s services free of charge within the limitations of the budget allocated by the state. We expect the orders for the following year from the chief collections managers by October 1 of each year.

The collections of Estonian museums are very rich and therefore, there is a lot of conservation and digitisation work to be done. We give priority to the items that are added to the permanent exhibitions or are part of exhibitions planned for the coming year.

The submitted orders are discussed with the representatives of museums and foundations and the work plan for the coming year is prepared by December 1.
If a museum’s order is not included in priority works or if a museum develops additional needs for Kanut’s conservation and digitisation services during the year, one can always consider a fee-charging service.

Looking forward to cooperating with you!
Conservation and Digitisation Centre Kanut

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