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Conservation and Digitisation Centre Kanut

For Specialists

The Conservation and Digitisation Centre Kanut brings together specialists with specific skills in the field of conservation and digitisation.

A conservator is not merely a labourer with good manual skills, but a specialist who, in addition to traditional materials, works with conservation techniques, and is well-acquainted with contemporary materials and the newest directions in the field of conservation. We employ the most competent conservators in Estonia who are happy to share their experience and knowhow with other specialists of the field. We also cooperate with different universities and colleagues from Estonia and abroad.

Kanut has long-term experience in training restorators, as we are responsible for the progeny in our guild. We organise training courses and seminars for museum collections managers, curators, researchers, and heritage protection specialists.
The digital era poses new challenges for the specialists, taking museum collections and exhibitions to the digital world. Our competence will be helpful also in this matter.

Northern Estonia
Western Estonia
Southern Estonia