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Birthday parties for children

Child's birthday at Seto farm

A birthday is a long-awaited day for every child. You can make this day especially unforgettable at a Seto farm. A fun party includes playing Seto folk games, telling fairy tales, learning new proverbs and riddles. Together we make a fun doll and see goats in the neighbouring farm.

In addition, it is possible to order a birthday menu.

* The party is suitable for children aged 3-12, the program will be created according to the children’s ages.

Birthday party at Kuie schoolhouse

Take your guests a hundred years back in time! Step inside an old genuine schoolhouse as a farm kid and live up to the challenge. How long did the children go to school in the days of old? What did they learn? Is it hard to write neatly with quill and ink? A special gift is made by the little time-travelers for the birthday boy or girl – a small book with good wishes written with quill and ink. We play fun games from the times when our grandparents were young. No one will get bored!


On week days party times in agreement with the hosts, on week-ends the party can start at 11:00 or 15:00.


The price includes a birthday party program, venue and museum tickets for 25 people. Party time 3 hours.


* The party is suitable for children aged 7 or older. Additional information:      

Birthday adventure for kids

Example package

Birthday adventure brings children out into the open air to play a fun orienteering game. There are fascinating old houses from our grandfathers’ times, treasure granaries, mysterious gardens and other places to discover on the vast territory of the Estonian Open Air Museum. Kids and adults alike can participate in the game.


In addition it is possible to order a birthday menu.


* The adventure is suitable for children aged 7-18, the program is created according to the ages.

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