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Horse and cart rides

Horse and cart rides are available Monday to Sunday at 11:00 - 15:45 in winter season and in summer season daily. There's room for up to 9 people in one cart.

Horse stop is opposite Kolu Inn. In winter season contact ticket office or Kolu Inn firstly, so the coachman can get the horse ready. In snowy weather sledge rides can be done.

Tickets for one horse ride:

Adults: 5 €
Children (3-15 years of age): 5 € 

Preordered horse and cart rides

For bookings contact:
NB! Bookings can be done Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00

Museum tickets are added to the price of the horse ride.

30 min (ride ends 17:00)30 €
1 h (ride ends 17:00)55 €
30 min (starting from 17:00)45 €
 1 h (starting from 17:00)  80 €

Northern Estonia
Western Estonia
Southern Estonia