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Conservation and Digitisation Centre Kanut

For Private Customers

  • What to do with a faded and wrinkled photograph of your grandparents?
  • Can decayed and mouldy documents, flags, etc. hidden for years in the attic be improved?
  • Can a dark coat of varnish unveil the brightness of a painting or even the signature of the artist?
  • Can a decayed wooden chest with a rusty lock be restored into a chest of hope?
  • Can worn fabrics full of holes be patched in the manner of our grandmothers?
  • Why is it such a bad idea to glue broken glass and ceramics back together on your own?
  • Can a frame with crumbling gypsum ornament can be restored?
  • Can a samovar inherited from your grandfather be as shiny as in your memories?
  • Can you digitize diapositives for more comfortable usage?

Kanut offers conservation, restoration and digitisation services for anyone interested – to private customers as well as establishments, foundations, churches and so on.

We support the aspirations of our good customers to preserve old and valuable items for the future generations. Each object tells a story, be it an engraving, historical photograph, a book, a unique item of furniture or a dinner set, the purchase documents of your ancestral farm, fittings of a boudoir, a porcelain doll, a historical tapestry, or a fancy hat from the previous century. The list could go on endlessly, as the Estonian attics, churches, drawers and archives unveil a lot of items that are lovely, dear, or with artistic value and certainly worth preserving.

Kanut is always ready to offer good advice (including on how to store and clean the items) and if the customer is interested, high-quality service provided by the best conservators and restorers in Estonia. Contact us by telephone on 644 6915 or send an e-mail.

Please also see the gallery of completed works.

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