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Shepherd’s Trail

The adventure path “Shepherd’s Trail” is an interactive exhibition with game elements covering the entire museum, where visitors will participate in the working day of the young shepherd Ants and his faithful dog Muri. An exciting trail will take visitors to farmstead yards, into the woods and onto a blockfield, testing their ingenuity and dexterity. Within the day of a young shepherd, there is a place for work and play, joys and worries, fears and temptations.


On the adventure trail with ten stops, you will be able to meet wild birds and livestock, climb a tree, swing on the top of a birch tree, ride a pig and count sheep while relaxing on the hay. Along the way, visitors also learn which berries and mushrooms are edible and how to identify trees by their leaves. Together you can plunge into the sacred atmosphere of the forest, learn to see and hear nature. You will be able to shoot from a huge slingshot, try to get through the undergrowth and find your balance. In the forest you will have to meet a wolf and face your own fears, and on a swamp path you will have to pull a cow out of a bog. How nice it will be to sit on a bench and stretch your tired legs when you return to your home at Kolga farm!

Covering the trail takes at least two hours.

If you are tired, you can skip some stops.

Be careful when moving in nature and climbing trees!


Sponsors: Estonian National Heritage Board, Eesti Kultuurkapital 

Northern Estonia
Western Estonia
Southern Estonia