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Collections, Research and Building Heritage

Rahvusvahelised projektid


In view of Estonia's climate goals, the Estonian Open Air Museum's Centre of Rural Architecture participates in the international project Life IP BUILDEST, the task of which is to show direction and give impetus to the complete renovation of private houses built before 2000. Our field of activity is expanding both in time and geography, we are moving from our current area of ​​operation in the countryside to cities (mainly Nõmme and similar areas). In connection with this, the centre conducts a survey in the selected municipality in order to get an overview of the current situation of the housing stock in rural areas, the level of renovation, the needs of homeowners and the possibilities of the local government to direct the situation. It must be borne in mind that special solutions must be used for the buildings with the highest cultural value. We will continue our activities with the target groups of both homeowners and specialists in the field of heritage construction, but we will expand it in the key of introducing both environmentally friendly materials and new technology, taking into account modern living conditions. We are also expanding the activities of the counseling network, the content of trainings for specialists and homeowners, and we are participating in the development of instructional materials.

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