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 Erasmus+ projekt: "From Apprentice to Master"

The project "From Apprentice to Master" will involve 10 mobility placements in different European countries between 2023 and 2024. The result will be improved skills for our conservators, both in the specificity of their field and in their training methods. The primary aim of the adult education mobility project is to establish new contacts with European memory institutions and conservation centers and to re-establish closer relations with the old partners. We aim to give the Estonian Open Air Museum an opportunity to be an active center of excellence at an international level and, more broadly, to map itself as an important institution in the European conservation landscape. The mobility also aims to upgrade the skill base of the staff – to expand and develop the apprenticeship level. Not only will benefit the staff who have been on a study visit, but also their colleagues with whom they will share their acquired knowledge.
Northern Estonia
Western Estonia
Southern Estonia