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Good to know

  • Bringing your bicycle to the museum
You are allowed to ride your bicycle in the Open Air Museum, or to leave it in the bicycle parking lot in front of the ticket office for the duration of your visit. You can also rent a bicycle for the duration of your visit from the ticket office. Bolt electric scooters can be parked by the museum gates. The vehicle rent price list can be found here.

  • Bringing your dog to the museum
Well-behaved dogs are welcome in the museum park, but we do ask that you keep your four-legged friend on a lead. There are both domestic and wild animals moving about in the Open Air Museum. Dogs (except guide dogs) are not allowed inside the exhibit buildings.

When bringing your dog along for a meal in Kolu inn, choose a seat in the stable room. When visiting Härjapea and Setu farms, you are welcome to ask the hostess for a bowl of water for your four-legged friend. Remember that a good master picks up after their dog.

  • Photography and filming
Photo and video shooting at the Open Air Museum for personal use are free of charge. Photo and video shooting for commercial use is allowed only on previous agreement with the museum marketing department and according to the current price list.

  • Clothing
When visiting the Estonian Open Air Museum, dress appropriately for the weather and wear shoes which are suitable for walking along village roads.

  • Picnic areas
The Estonian Open Air Museum park forest is a great place for having a picnic in every season. You can have a picnic by the sea, on the village square, or around Nätsi windmill.

  • Fire safety
Making a fire at the Open Air Museum is strictly forbidden. Use of the campfire site is only possible with previous agreement from the event marketing department ( Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

  • Use caution
We ask you to use caution when using the swing up to 6 people are allowed on the swing at a time and you should only step on or off the swing when it is stopped, hold on tight and use moderate force when pushing the swing.

Be careful on the seashore – the bank is dangerous (might collapse) and craggy.
There may be ticks in the tall grass during summer.

  • Visitors’ regulations
Visitors to the museum are not allowed to: climb over the fences; pull out thatching from the roofs; enter areas which are marked with ropes or prohibition signs; feed or disturb the animals; pick the plants or damage the natural environment in any other way; litter.

We aim to provide a pleasant visiting experience for everyone.
If visitors disrupt or endanger other visitors, museum staff, museum collections and property, or if they have outstanding debts to the EVM Foundation, we reserve the right to ask them to leave the museum premises and refrain from providing them with services.

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