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Kolga farm 

kid` s world

We welcome you to discover the new permanent exhibition at the Estonian Open Air Museum, 'Every Small Step Counts', which was opened on October 21, 2023.


The exhibition is located in the barn-shed building on Kolga farm, which is a part of the museum section displaying the exhibits from Estonian islands. This long outbuilding typical of Hiiumaa rural architecture used to combine storehouses and cattle sheds joined at an angle.

Within the building, former cattle sheds will be housing the museum’s poultry and farm animals while the barn section will become the exhibition and activity space ‘Every little step counts’ meant for children and families.


The barn-shed on Kolga farm is an exhibit the whole family can enjoy. Little children will be able to interact with farm animals in the shed and in the activity area, learning more about them through educational games. Older kids will be able to learn what each farm animal gives to people, how much work is required to care for them, and how much responsibility keeping farm animals demands. Adults and teenagers will be able to compare living on the farm in the old days with modern consumer habits and to appreciate the mentality of environmental sustainability, passing these values on to the younger generation. The exhibition ‘Every little step counts’ is brought to life by two main characters: shepherd boy Ants from the late 19th century and Liina, a girl living in the present-day city. The topics of the exhibition are addressed through the dialogue of the two children. The exhibition features a number of interactive hands-on tasks, and the visitors will have to put some effort into obtaining new knowledge as well as give their consumer habits some thought.
The former cattle sheds in the barn-shed will be housing the museum’s poultry and farm animals. Guided visits begin at 11.00, 13.00 and 15.00.

Important information!

In the winter season 2023/2024 the barn-shed is open at weekends and during school holidays: 19 February to 3 March and from 22 to 28 April.


The building will be open every day in the summer!

Please take off your shoes and leave them at the entrance before entering the area of the exhibition ‘Every little step counts’. The barn-shed on Kolga farm is a unique and distinctive example of rural architecture, but, unfortunately, the original structure was destroyed in a fire on the museum grounds in 1980s. The 55-metre-long building from Hiiumaa has now beet fully restored to its former glory and will be housing the museum’s farm animals as well our environmental education centre.
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