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Kolga farm 

kid`s world

“Farm Kid’s World” is a new family-oriented playful exhibition at the Estonian Open Air Museum. Its goal is to bring children out of the virtual world into nature and teach them eco-friendly thinking by introducing to an ordinary day on an Estonian farm. Visitors to the exhibition gain new knowledge through personal experience, actively moving and playing, and seeing the world through the eyes of a farm child of former times.

You can’t even imagine how exciting it is!


The exhibition consists of two parts. Those with enough energy and the whole day at their disposal can get acquainted with “Farm Kid’s World” in its entirety. At the main gate of the museum, the adventure trail “Shepherd’s Trail” begins, which consists of ten stops and leads to the living Kolga farm, offering many interesting activities along the way. Those who make it to the end of the trail can meet animals and birds in the barn at the farm, enjoy an interactive exhibition “Every Little Step Counts” and, of course, have fun at the farmyard where you can test your talents in performing various farm works.


Curators of the exhibition “Farm Kid’s World”: Tanel Veeremaa, Dagmar Ingi, Maret Tamjärv

Exhibition content working group: Elvi Nassar, Hanna Dovha, Eliis Vaino

Artists and designers: Ruumilabor OÜ, Identity OÜ, Laika, Belka & Strelka

The exhibition is executed by: 3park OÜ, Joonlaine OÜ

Concept and implementation of the “Sacred Forest” (part of the “Shepherd’s Trail”): Elo Liiv (Kunst ja Pärimus OÜ)

Sponsors: Ministry of Culture, Estonian National Heritage Board, Eesti Kultuurkapital, EAS, Laternamatkad OÜ, Saarevõrk OÜ

The barn-shed on Kolga farm is a unique and distinctive example of rural architecture, but, unfortunately, the original structure was destroyed in a fire on the museum grounds in 1980s. The 55-metre-long building from Hiiumaa has now beet fully restored to its former glory and will be housing the museum’s farm animals as well our environmental education centre.
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