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Conservation and Digitisation Centre Kanut

Renovatum ANNO Magazine

The RENOVATUM ANNO magazine focuses on conservation, preservation and displaying of cultural heritage.

Digitisation and digital preservation have also been involved as relatively novel topics. The journal is addressed to both specialists and wider audience interested in this inspiring sphere.

  • stories of forgotten, rediscovered or found objects which are brought back to life or saved from being destroyed;
  • introduction of new trends in conservation, restoration and digitisation; exchange of practical knowledge;
  • expert advice about preserving items in different conditions;
  • themes related to valuation and preservation of cultural heritage;
  • …and plenty of other exciting topics.

Renovatum 2019/2020

Renovatum 2019/2020

Conservation developed into an art and art collection adjacent discipline already in the 19th century. Today, however, we can without exaggeration discuss conservation as an auxiliary science with specialised branches in the field of preservation of cultural heritage
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