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For the 2nd educational level

Year-round programs

School lesson in the year 1910

We practice clear and diligent penmanship, arithmetic, and demonstrate knowledge in the field of catechism - just as the schoolmistress demands.

Guided tour in the museum

Estonian Open Air Museum is like one big village. Here, you can find many different farmsteads, not to mention a school, tavern, village shop, mills, and a chapel.

Farmers' tools

The farm family did all the work with their own hands - ensuring that bellies were full and bodies were covered. How was laundry done without a washing machine and how did they straighten the fabric without an iron? Where did they get tools in the old times? What are "lüpsik," "koot," and "pütt"? Let's explore and try out both men's and women's tasks in various farms.

Handicrafts  100  years ago

Our ancestors didn't write letters on paper; instead, they wove them into mittens, bedspreads, and belts. In the lesson, we will provide an overview of our ancestors' handicrafts. We will pick and card wool and set the spinning wheel in motion. We will also explore how to obtain fibers from flax plants and what can be made from them.

Traditional folk games

For centuries, children and young people have loved to play, whether it's winter or summer, there was joy of play in every day. Let's take a glimpse into the past and see, under the guidance of the schoolmistress, what fun and amusing children's and singing games were played in the past.

Seasonal programs

Story of Bread Making

September 7th to September 28th
The journey to the loaf of bread is long and laborious. Those who wish to reap the harvest from the golden rye field at the end of summer must sow the grain seeds already in the previous autumn.

Autumn Farm Day

September 15th
In the autumn, our ancestors harvested crops from the fields, threshed grain, ground flour, washed dark work clothes, and treated sore limbs from hard work in the hot smoke sauna. The Farm Day provides an opportunity to take a look at the daily autumn chores of our ancestors.

Rits rats rundibumm

April 23rd - September 28th
In the collective farm apartment building, children can experience their parents' and grandparents' childhood homeland. During the museum lesson, we talk about the lives and activities of children in the collective farm house, explore board games and toys from that time, and play lively outdoor games together.

Spring Garden Class

May 15th to May 26th
How and why to use a spade, rake, hoe, and pitchfork? What does cabbage or carrot seed look like? Which plants grow in the garden and how are they used? You can create your own garden bed and plant seeds in the soil to grow your very own plant.

Spring Farm Day

May 18th to May 19th
As the days get longer, the farmer's pace quickens. The Farm Day provides an opportunity to take a look at our ancestors' daily springtime tasks, which machines now help us with in today's world.

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Museum lessons are available in Estonian, Russian, and English languages. We offer a discount for groups participating in two museum lessons on the same day or booking three museum lessons at once.
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