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Living Kolga farm

Living Kolga farm is an exposition where all family members will find something to their liking – you can easily spend several hours there.

In one section of the impressive building, called the barn-shed, as well as in the courtyards of neighbouring farms, you can get acquainted with various domestic animals and birds. In the barn-dwelling and adjacent buildings you can have fun trying to harness a horse, milk a cow, pickle fish and sort vegetables. You can also dress up as a mistress or a master of the house and see how well you can cook dinner in a cauldron, set the table, or make a ladder. In the yard you can wash clothes in a trough and practice carrying water with a shoulder-yoke, while in the house you can sit in a rocking chair and finally give your legs a rest after a hard day of work.

At the exhibition “Every Little Step Counts” we learn what animals give us and what a responsible job it is to take care of them. We will compare traditional farming with modern consumer habits and, through games, discuss what reuse is, how to eat healthier, be more sensible with food, limit consumption and reduce waste production. Together we will try to find out what we ourselves can do to ensure that the world continues to exist – because every little step counts.


Sponsors: EAS, Eesti Kultuurkapital, Ministry of Culture, Matkafy Laternamatkad

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