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Food and drink

Wedding menus

Welcome table for the wedding ceremony I - a´  12€

Sparkling wine

Strawberries in chocolate



Welcome table for the wedding ceremony II - a´  20€

Sparkling wine

Cheese selection with fruits



The wedding party of my dreams - a ´  60€

  • Welcome: Sparkling wine and strawberries in chocolate

  • Appetizer: Luxurious snack platter (ham roll, stuffed egg, smoked chicken truffle, cut of fried meat, pate balls); rich fish platter (salted salmon roll, spiced sprat truffle, rye basket with smoked fish cream, strips of fried fish fillet, herring fillet roll); Kolu tavern rye bread with flavored butter; chicken and rice salad; potato salad; rosolje; spicy vegetable salad; pickle

  • Main course: Roast pork with sauerkraut, potatoes and stewed vegetables or baked salmon with potatoes and yogurt sauce

  • Dessert: Cake (from the cake selection of Kolu tavern)

  • Drinks: Cranberry water; table water and coffee or herbal tea

Ask for a drink card!

Contact:  +372 654 9118

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