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Food and drink

Vegan party menu

The field is a native feeder - a´  40€

All dishes are lactose-free, gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians

  • Starters

Vegetarian snack platter (baked beetroot with garlic, baked turnip with cumin, tomato with chickpea filling, potato biscuit with mushroom salad)
Fresh salad with quinoa
Red cabbage-pepper salad

  • Main course 

Beet cutlets with garlic broccoli and carrot puree
(beetroot, potato, broccoli, garlic, carrot, spices)

  • Dessert

Vegan chocolate cake with frosting

  • Drink

Coffee or herbal tea
Table water with berries


Contact: + 372 654 9118

Northern Estonia
Western Estonia
Southern Estonia