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Adult fee 10 €
Discount fee 8 €
Family fee 18 €
Activities on farms from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Easter, also known as the Resurrection, Swing Holidays, Spring Holidays, mark the end of the great fast, the resurrection of Christ and the arrival of spring. The nature has finally woken up and decorated itself with buds on trees and beautiful flowers. Once again you can have fun on the swings, eat meat and tap eggs. Come and celebrate Easter at the Estonian Open Air Museum!

Swings are open on the swinging area and on the village green between the Setu farm and the Peipsivene house. Swings in the village square are being repaired. Sorry!



Egg hunt

The tradition of hiding dyed easter eggs in the yard for kids to have an exciting egg hunt on Easter morning really took off in Estonian rural families of 1930s. Children were told that the eggs had been left outside the house by Easter Bunny. Well, Easter Bunny secretly roamed our museum in the night, too, and left some Easter eggs for visitors to find on Sepa farm, Härjapea farm and in the yard of Kuie school. There are ten eggs hidden in each location. Count the number of eggs of each colour! If you find them all and know the right answer, the farmwife will give you a sweet treat.


Kolu inn 

The innkeeper and his folks have cooked plenty of Easter dishes and will be happy to serve them to you.

At 14.30: Children from Kakumäe Veeris Kindergarten perform together with
alumni zithers ensemble in the stables hall of the inn.


In front of the inn – egg dyeing

Next to the fire pit in front of the inn, you can join in and dye some Easter eggs, which will be especially fancy if you use onion skins. After all the eggs have been prepared for dyeing, we will put them in a large pot and simmer them for a while, and our beautiful maroon eggs with speckles will be ready!  

Härjapea farm – Easter foods

The landlady prepares stuffed eggs and other holiday foods for the holidays according to the Landlady's most favorite recipes. An Easter table is laid in the living room, decorated with colorful eggs and a pasha in a pyramid.


Sutlepa chapel – the service

Easter service at 15.00


Lau village shop

To celebrate the occasion, send a postcard to your loved ones. The village shop is where you can buy period postcards as well as sweets and snacks.


Kuie school – swinging songs, crafts, Easter egg beauty pageant and egg tapping

At Kuie school, there are lots of egg-themed activities: look for eggs in the yard, find out what different options there are for coloring eggs, bring a decorated egg from your home to a beauty contest or even take part in an egg coking contest.

At 12.00 and 14.00: start of a fascinating bird-watching tour with Tallinn Bird Club in front of the Kuie school.


Fun activities in the classroom:

There is an Easter egg beauty pageant. Vote for the prettiest Easter egg or bring yours to take part! You can vote for your favourite egg until 14.30, the winner will be announced at 14.45. There will be prizes for winners!

At 15.00: grand egg tapping competition in the classroom.


Kolkhoz apartment building – crafts and sweets

The kolkhoz house is beautifully decorated and the rooms are full of sweet smell. 
The housewife is making curd cake and other treats. Maybe you will get a taste?

In the cellar, there is an Easter-themed workshop for making decorations out of natural materials – there is something to do for both children and adults (participation fee 2 €). Also, educational videos are shown about what had to be done or was forbidden to do on each day of the Easter week.

Sepa farm – playing games

In the yard of the Sepa farm, the family is waiting to play fun Easter games: roll eggs, box like a rooster or jump high on the board. Find out whether you can recognize a wooden egg from real eggs or whether you can tell which egg is boiled and which is unboiled.


Russian house from Peipus –  birds and animals

The goats Pipi and Juula welcome visitors to the Peipsvene House. In colder weather, it is also home to the museum's chickens and rabbits. Come to greet the animals and find out what they look like!


Seto farm – the traditions of the Great Lent

The Orthodox Setu still have a 7-week long fast that ends with Easter. Fasting is not only a period of modest nutrition, but mainly a time of spiritual cleansing. In the fall, the peasants collected a lot of mushrooms and cooked them with salt so that they would be good to eat during fasting. The hostess of the Setu farm introduces the Lenten diet of the Orthodox Setu.


Sponsors and partners: EGGO, Tere and Tallinn Bird Club. 

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