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Candlemas Day

Adult fee 10 €

Discount fee 8 €

Family fee 18 €

Candlemas Day is the first bigger women’s holiday in winter. On this day women paid visit to each other or went to the inn and men had to take care of all the household chores. As on other women's holidays, it was important to drink a red drink to ensure rosy cheeks for the rest of the year.

It was believed that candles cast on that day burn with the brightest flame. You can learn about different candle making techniques at the museum farms and get acquainted with Candlemas traditions.

At Sepa farm it is shown how to make sheep tallow candles.

At the classroom of Kuie school candle rings are crafted from natural materials.

In the Kolkhoz apartment building the housewife introduces modern candle making techniques.

The housewife is darning and doing needlework at Seto farm. Using needle during Candlemas Day was supposed to help to keep the wolves away from the herd in summer.

At the Peipus Russian dwelling you can try rolling candles from beeswax (cost 2 €).

From Lau shop you can purchase sweets, red drink for the ladies and other fascinating goods.

At Härjapea farm traditional holiday dishes are prepared. You can also taste red Candlemas drink here.

Kolu Inn offers hearty Estonian dishes.

A Covid certificate and a valid identity document must be presented at the ticket office. Please wear a face covering inside the museum buildings for the protection of yourself and others.
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