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Handicraft 100 years ago

Year-round museum lesson

Our ancestors didn't write letters on paper, but wove them into mittens, bedspreads, and belts. In the lesson, we will give an overview of our ancestors' handicraft. We will pick and card wool and set the spinning wheel in motion. We'll explore how to obtain fibers from the flax plant and what can be done with them.

Connection with subjects: handicraft, crafts.

Suitable for preschoolers
Up to 25 students
Lasts 1-1.5 hours
Price 5 €


All museum lessons are available by appointment and take place from Monday to Friday, between 10:00 and 17:00. Outside these hours, an additional fee for the program manager will apply. To make a reservation, call 6 549 126, email, or fill out the booking form.

Museum lessons are conducted in Estonian, English, and Russian languages. We offer a discounted price for groups that participate in two museum lessons on the same day or book three museum lessons at once.

Teachers accompanying children's groups get free admission to the museum: one teacher for every ten school students and one teacher for every seven preschool children.

How to arrive?

Public transport: Buses 21 and 21b will bring you to the museum gate. Buses 41 and 41b will take you from the museum towards the city center. For more information, please check the additional details

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