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01.05.23 - 28.09.23

The exhibition "Estonia During the National Enlightenment Era" by Mart Sander

Estonia During the National Enlightenment Era.

Kolu Inn


Mart Sander has recently gained recognition as a filmmaker, writer, and composer, but painting is his great passion - and as he himself says, his first one. His first exhibition Copy and Original took place at Kadriorg Palace (Estonian Art Museum) in 2006, and since then, nearly ten exhibitions have been held in Estonia and beyond.

Estonia During the National Enlightenment Era is inspired by the work of 19th-century artists who depicted village life, such as Gregor von Bochmann, Hugo Mühlig, Alfred Wierusz-Kowalski, and Oskar Hoffmann. The majority of the works have been created specifically for this exhibition during this year, while some older works are related to the exhibition theme. The largest painting, Silver Bullet, which was featured in the Myth/Reality exhibition in 2009, was painted right here, on the door of the Kolu Inn.

Although most of the works are inspired by village life and nature, the exhibition also includes two portraits - Estonian Beauty is the reigning Miss International, Jasmin Selberg, and Estonian Hero is fitness model and bodybuilder Rasmus Klaos.

If you want to purchase any of the works from the exhibition, you can find information at


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Western Estonia
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