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Seto and Peipus-Russian Christmas Celebration

Adult fee 10 €
Discount fee 8 €
Family fee 18 €

Majority of the Slavs and Orthodox Setos celebrate Christmas according to the Old (Julian) Calendar on January 6 and 7. The whole Christmas season – svjatki – lasts until January 19, the Epiphany. During this time people don’t work but rejoice at the birth of the Christ and go announcing this important event to their neighbours as well. Come and join us for the celebrations.

11:00–15:00 Village green between Setu Farm and House of an Old Believer from Peipus
Hot tea from a samovar
13:00 Christmas concert by a Ukrainian folklore group Žurba
Setu and Slavic winter games

Setu Vanatalo old farmhouse
New Year's fortune-telling
Meeting the Christmas carolers

Setu Vanatalo new farmhouse
Making Setu Christmas food (pork rind biscuits)

Setu Vanatalo barn
Christmas café at Kolu inn

11:00–15:00 Russian house from Peipus
Cooking Christmas dishes of the Old Believers (potato sausages and kolyadki)
Meeting the Christmas carolers

A person wishing to participate in the event must prove their own COVID certificate at the museum ticket office.
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Western Estonia
Southern Estonia