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Folk calendar events

The sun and blooming flowers make you want to spend more time outside. The most important folk calendar events in the spring are Easter, S. Georges Day and Walpurgis Night.

At our museum you can have celebrations with friends and family following the theme of one of those holydays. For tourists this is a good opportunity to learn something new about Estonian culture in an entertaining way.

  • Easter

Easter is a happy holyday celebrating the arrival of spring and the blooming of nature. The symbol of Easter is egg, it is a custom to decorate eggs and give them as gifts to family and friends.

Easter party at Kolu inn is filled with sounds of concertina, zither and bagpipes. The party host will teach you some fun Easter games and of course there is no Easter celebration without decorating eggs.

For additional pay: Lunch or dinner (traditional Easter dishes)
Duration: 5 hours

  • St. Georges Day

St. Georges Day, April 23 marked the beginning of spring work in farms. In the times past, Estonians would perform various rituals on this day to ensure cattle’s good health. To repel wild animals, especially wolves, bonfires were lit during the night.

At the swing grounds there is live folk music playing and hot tea served. We will light a bonfire, make old toys and play games. Horse and carriage ride and the village swing are also waiting.

For additional pay: Lunch or dinner (traditional Estonian dishes)
Duration: 5 hours

  • Walpurgis night

In Estonian folk calendar the Walpurgis Night was celebrated as the birthday of the land, custom was to make bonfire, ring bells and make noise in general. Old stories say, that on the Walpurgis Night witches tried to seduce young girls to join them. Estonians believed that on the night trees would talk to each other, so they would bring sacrifice of food to trees and bind ribbons to the branches.

We will celebrate Walpurgis Night at the museums swing grounds with bonfire, games and dancing to live music, also talk about sacrifice to trees and bind colourful ribbons to the branches. 


For additional pay: Lunch or dinner (national Estonian dishes)

Duration: 5 hours

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