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Examples of completed works

Conservation of a glazed majolica jug

Pärast konserveerimist
The oriental-shaped jug has a slender neck and a round lower part. Opening with a bowl-shaped mouth, from which a long handle with a flowing arc begins, the jug is supported by a low, round-shaped footing. The finishing is a colourful hand-painted pattern of plants and flowers which is alternated with three geometric patterned bands. The dark brown background features white, red, yellow, and blue blossoms across the entire body of the jug.

Several parts of the jug had to be worked on, as some plaster repairs had chipped away from the top edge. The jug was cleaned, loose parts were glued back on, and the missing parts that had chipped off were replaced with plaster. The repaired surfaces were then tinted and varnished to give a shine similar to the original glazing.

Detail enne konserveerimist.
     Detail pärast konserveerimist.
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