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Examples of completed works

Conservation of a wood-covered Bible from 1868

A wood-covered full leather volume of a Bible with two latches. The covers are made of thin wood covered in plant-tanned leather which is dyed black. The leather shows faint traces of the braille pattern, and the leather is glued to the cover in several spots. The pages in the book include several notes and annotations written in pencil.

The block paper was dry cleaned with rubber crumb and the dirty first and last sheets were washed under running water. The defects in the paper were repaired with Japanese paper on a tracing table. As the bindings were intact, loose sheets in the middle of the book could be restitched. Defects in the leather were filled with plant-tanned leather and dyed a suitable shade. The missing clasp was made from a brass plate based on the silhouette of the original.

Holy Bible 1868 VII edition. Tartu. 

Northern Estonia
Western Estonia
Southern Estonia