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Village party from 19th century

Example package

There was a lot of food and cheerful music at a village party, people were dancing and playing games. That is what we do at the Museum. Welcome-shots are served at Kolu Inn or at the swing gorunds by the sea and nice Estonian dishes are on the table. A small band is playing folk music on the background. After the meal it is time to play old Estonian parlour games and put your strength to the test. Folk dancers perform and the guests can dance too.


Price comes together according to client's wishes.

For additional pay: Lunch or dinner (traditional Estonian dishes)


In the summer events can be held on the village square for up to 3000 people.

Birthday party at the stable room of Kolu Inn


Example package


Every party is as a tailor-made experience – unique and organised to match your ideas and wishes. We have all the possibilities for creating a memorable party. The stable room of the old roadside inn has been adapted into a stylish room for celebrations, suitable for about 150 people.

Delicious meals are cooked at the kitchen of the inn. No less important is the long list of good partners who brighten up your event offering the entertainment of your choice. No matter if you prefer music, dance, crafting or theatre.


The price depends on the concrete event.


Share your dreams with us and we help to fulfil them.

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