Party hosts

Party hosts are keeping up the mood and organising games at your event. The program can be sporty or folksy, last for 45 minutes or all day, however you like it best!


Folksy games (45 minutes)

We are going to test the cleverness of women and the strength of men. Games like „Shoemaker“, „Farmhand’s bag of bread for a year“, „Weaving a belt“ and „Vamping up the flax“ are fun for everybody.


Group games on the territory

Village game (1 hour)

Do you know how old is the chapel at our museum, Sutlepa? What years are on the weathercock on top of the fire station Orgmetsa? These questions and many more get answers during this game on our territory and in houses. Everybody gets a museum map and quiz questions.

Treasure hunt (up to 3 hours)

The event manager divides guests into teams and the treasure hunt can begin.  According to the legend, the nobleman buried the treasure and planted some trees around it. Treasure map is buried by the biggest tree. Teams have to solve riddles, every answer reveals one letter from the password that will break the curse and open the pot of gold.

Hiking tour (1.5 hours)

The hiking trail starts at the main gate of the museum and goes on by the West coast of the gulf of Kopli. The nature is very diverse; the trail is 3-km-long and meanders thru Rocca al Mare forest, bog, meadow and rock village.