The performance of folk dancers is full of dance, music and songs. If you wish, they will show you Estonian national costumes.


Folk dance and music ensemble „Leigarid“

“Leigarid” dance, sing and play instruments just like Estonians many years ago used to. They try to present the folklore as authentically as possible. The performance includes dancing, singing, playing parlour games and playing instruments live. Usually, “Leigarid” give a little dance lesson to the audience, so everybody can feel the joy of dancing.

Small performance includes 7-8 performers and is 20 minutes long.

Big performance includes at least 10 performers and is 40 minutes long.


“Tee Kuubis” dancers

Folk dancers from the group “Tee Kuubis” are young and full of energy. They show different Estonian folk dances and everybody can join, because the steps are pretty simple.

The performance includes 4 performers and is 20 minutes long.


Folk dance show performed by „Uppsar“

„Uppsar“ is a contemporary, energetic and eye-catching folk dance group. Their show is beautiful and lively, Estonian folk dance and goreographed dances are combined. If you wish, „Uppsar“ will teach some steps to the guests and they can dance too.

The performance is 15 minutes long or longer.


Setu party

Setus are an ethnic and linguistic minority with very rich culture living in South East Estonia. Setu party includes live music, songs and games, also stories and riddles. You can see the jewellery of Setu woman and how it is supposed to be worn. Later, everybody is welcome to the dance floor to learn some dance steps and games.

The programme can be 1-2 hours long.