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Old Belivers’ unhappy songs about life and love

A musical spectacle with a dance workshop.

Most of the songs talk about love. Quite often they tell about the heavy torments of soul and sweet pain that this feeling creates in their souls. This musical spectacle that is based on the city romances collected from the Old Belivers and Siberian Estonians presents you one day filled with passion in the Estonian-Russian fishing village. At the end of the show, Estonian polkas and Russian quadrilles are taught to dance.

The spectacle is in two languages. The descriptions of romances in two languages are also distributed to the guests. The program is carried out by the folk ensemble Suprjadki.

The price includes a spectacle, dance workshop and rooms for 3 hours.

* The party is suitable for up to 30 people.
The program is suitable to give colour to a wedding party, birthday party or other festivities.

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