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Old Believers’ candle making workshop

A candle has always been a symbol of warmth, light and holiness. Beeswax candles are considered to be the most valuable, because they do not release soot when burned and they have a positive effect on health. Old Believers make these candles by using their special rolling method. A handmade candle has a special energy and its burning creates a festive atmosphere.

Come with us to make a beautiful present for yourself or your loved ones. While rolling the candles, we prepare tea in a samovar and taste keedusukker (a sweet traditional to the Old Believers).


The price includes a workshop leader, materials and rooms for 2 hours.

In addition, it is possible to order pies from Kolu inn.

* The workshop is suitable up to 10 people.

Old Believers cuisine workshop

Old Believers have a high respect for food. Since their year includes many fast days, people know how to cook really delicious dishes from vegetables and fish. Dried smelt soup with mushrooms, special fish fried in water, sweet soups and mouth-melting pies.

Come with your friends and prepare yourself a special Old Believers’ meal. In addition to the collective meal preparation, you will hear about the Old Believers’ food culture, dishes during fast and festivities. For certain, there is a tea in samovar and keedusukker on the table.

The price includes a workshop leader, materials, collective meal and rooms for 3 hours.

* The workshop is suitable for up to 10 people.

Peipus-Russian tea night

“The best thing in the world is tea and this is something that is truly difficult to let go when dying,” said once an old man from the Lake Peipus coast. Drinking tea is a very important ritual in the Old Believer’s everyday life. This wonderful drink needs to be made correctly and drunk without a hurry. A good tea is always made in a samovar and has the best taste when you bite keedusukker made with cream next to it.

Come and be part of the real Old Believer’s tea drinking ritual. Together we start making tea, talk about sugar boiling, try the tea and tell stories about the life and well-being of the Old Believers.

The price includes a workshop leader and rooms for 3 hours.

In addition, it is possible to order a musician and refreshments from Kolu Inn.

* The party is suitable for up to 10 people.

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