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A little house on feet

May 1, 2017 in the Estonian Open Air Museum!

On the spring fair it is possible to take part in themed walk ''A little house on feet or how does a building end up at the museum?''

Themed walks start at 12PM and 2PM from the entry to the museum with point person Aile Heinmets. 


Spring fair and museum's birthday

May 1, 2017 the Estonian Open Air Museum is celebrating its 60th birthday. 

The Open Air Museum is more than just a collection of farm houses, yards and old things, there are also many people with their peculiar jobs and doings behind the museum. 
As always, pure and Estonian handicrafts and food products are offered at the fair. 
A group of musicians are keeping the spirits high and the little ones are entertained by the Polli Zoo.

Hungarian Folk Group

Hungarian Folk Group performing at the spring fair in 2000.

Spring Fair (2001)

Estonian Open Air Museum´s traditional spring fair, recording from 2001. Not only have fairs long been places or goods´ exchange, but people have also come there to meet one another, make acquaintances and entertain themselves. Fairs were full of colours, surprises, and things to flaunt and to look at.