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Christmas Village 2014

Christmas is the holiday most dear to us, awaited both by children and grownups. A lot is hidden in the Christmas time – sparkle and darkness, jolly bustle and solemn silence, joy and meditation. At the Estonian Open Air Museum you can meet all of that and let the Chrismas spirit descend upon you. Step inside old barn-dwellings and farm houses, schoolhouse and village shop and be a part of Christmas preparations from 100 years ago.

Shoemaker´s game

Traditional Estonian Christmas game. Filmed in 2000.

Disturbed Christmas in 1905

Year 1905 was revolutionary in Estonian history. Peasant riots, driven by the desire for freedom, culminated with looting manors just in the month of December. That year even the Christmas time was full of anxiety.

During the Christmas village in 2005 this kind of historical atmosphere is passed on with theatrical episodes from the year 1905 including the episode of peasants riot against the landlords. However, despite all the solicitude and trouble, Christmas traditions like singing carols and decorating homes were not forgotten even that year.

Christmas goat

Odd disguised creatures used to visit families during Christmas time, they were believed to bring good luck. One of the most popular  was the Christmas goat. Filmed during Christmas in 1998.

How to make white pudding

Hundred years ago traditional Estonian Christmas dish included white pudding. Tutor Meeri Väinsaar tells how to make sausage of pearl barley and pork. Filmed during the Christmas Village at the Estonian Open Air Museum in 1997.

About making of candles

There was no electricity in old farms and in order to get light candles had to be made from sheep fat. Filmed during Christmas in 1998.

About making of candles

Tutor Meeri Väinsaar demonstrates how candles were made from sheep fat. Filmed at the Estonian Open Air Museum during the Christmas Village in 1997.

Making rye bread

Rye bread has always been the most important food for Estonians. Tutor Helve Tuulmets teaches how to make fresh rye bread. When the dough is ready the bread has to be shaped and put in to bake. Filmed on Sassi-Jaani farm at the Estonian Open Air Museum in 1997 during the Christmas Village.