Centre of Multicultural Estonia

Estonian Open Air Museum’s Centre of Multicultural Estonia introduces the culture, history and art of the ethnic minorities living in Estonia.

With the opening of two new households in May 2015 the museum’s exposition also includes the dwellings of the smaller ethnic groups living in Estonia. A native farm from Setomaa and a dwelling of an Old Believer fisherman from the Lake Peipus coast are now the home for the Centre of Multicultural Estonia. The Seto farm also includes a barn room that has been accommodated for a contemporary room for exhibitions, parties and conferences.

At the Centre of Multicultural Estonia we celebrate the holidays of the Old Calendar and hold several theme days, workshops and fairs introducing different cultures. All the culture societies of the ethnic groups living in Estonia are warmly welcomed to us.


For any additional information please contact with the manager of the centre Einike Sooväli at +372 6549125 or einike@evm.ee