Visitors' regulations

It is not allowed to:

  • Climb over the fences
  • Pull out thatching from the roofs
  • Touch objects in the exposition
  • Go into the areas that are marked with the ropes or prohibitory signs
  • Disturbe or feed animals
  • Pick plants/flowers or damage natural environment
  • Drop garbage


In museum one should:

  • Collar and muzzle your domestic animal
  • Be careful with see-sawing. There can be max 6 people on the see-saw at the same time. It is allowed to step on or down from the see-sew only when it is stopped. Hold tight!
  • Be careful on the seashore – the bank is dangerous (might collapse) and craggy.


Firemaking is strictly forbidden. Using the campfire-place is possible only in case on preliminary agreement with EOA museum board.

Smoking is allowed only in appointed places.