Estonian Open Air Museum 60

Estonian Open Air Museum was founded on May 22, 1957. In May 2017, the Estonian Open Air Museum is celebrating its 60th birthday. Come and celebrate with us! 


Opening event of birthday month is SPRING FAIR.



Summer season events: 

April 23 – St. George's Day

May 1 – Museum's Birthday and Spring Fair

May 20 Night of Museums

May 28 – Anniversary concert of Maido Saar

June 23 Midsummer Eve

July 6 – Seto Midsummer Eve and Ivan Kupala Day

August 20 Day of Farm Horticulture History and Green Fair

September 17 Day of Estonian Bread and Autumn Fair

September 29 Michaelmas


On the first Saturday of every month different ethnic minorities living in Estonia introduce their music, dance, art and cuisine.

May 6 – Day of Music and Dance

June 3 – Day of Movies

August 5 – Day of Canning

September 2 – Day of Languages




Estonian Open Air Museum invites everyone to weave a few rows on a loom for a

100 meter long rag carpet that will be a present for the 100th birthday

of the Republic of Estonia. The colors and patterns of the carpet symbolize the 

107 historical parishes of Estonia. There will be carpet materials and a pattern

description ready at Kolu Inn. Everyone’s contribution is worth a great deal! 




NEW! Mobile app of Estonian Open Air Museum

The app contains an audio guide for the whole exhibition and two adventurous orienteering games introducing our farms and Estonian history through playful characters.