Hiiumaa itinerant fishing house

Seasonal fishermen dwelling from 19th C

This temporary residence was built in the late 19th century by Audru manor in Sarvi village in Audru parish for fishermen arriving from Hiiumaa for the Baltic herring catch. The building was brought to the museum in 1967, and erected in 1967-1968. The fishing house was torched by an arsonist on the day of the August putsch in 1991 and restored as a replica from 1991-1996.

1 – dwelling, 2 – entrance chamber

Did you know?

  • Records of Hiiumaa islanders’ fishing trips in Pärnu Bay date back to the mid-18th C.
  • Hiiumaa farmers would go out on the ice before the breakup each spring to catch Baltic herring. They would stay there until Midsummer. Relations with local fishermen were friendly; Hiiumaa islanders were welcomed as their own.
  • The houses were named after the boat crews. The boat crews in turn would be named after the senior crew member’s home farm – Sarvi village had the Jaagu men, Karu men, Titsi men, Vaku men and Otsman men and so forth. Some were named after two boat crews together – the building in the museum was called the Karu-Jaagu house.