Bread slices with garlic

2,00 €


Pea soup

5,00 €

(peas, smoked meat, groat, potatoes, carrot, onion, herb)

Forest mushroom soup

5,00 €

(potatoes, carrot, onion, forest mushrooms)


The main course

Roast pork with sauerkraut

9,50 €

(oven-baked pork, sauerkraut, vegetables, potatoes)

Home meal

7,50 €

                (pan-fried eggs, onion, potatoes and bacon)

                Herring in cold sauce and hot potatoes

6,90 €

                (cottage cheese, tomato, onion, cucumber, herring, sour cream, potatoes)

                Mashed potatoes with groat (National meal Mulgipuder)

5,50 €

               (potatoes, onion, groat, pan-fried pieces of meat, sour cream, pickle)


                Dish with blood sausage                                       7.50 €

                (blood sausages, stewed sauerkraut, potatoes, lingonberry salad)

                 Meat jelly with hot potatoes                                     5.50 €

            Vegetarian food

                Baked zucchini with fresh salad

5,00 €

                (zuccini, tomato, cucumber, carrot, green salad)


             For kids

                Creamy pasta with ham and cheese (250gr)

4,50 €

                (ham, pasta, whipped cream, cheese)



               Cottage cheese cream with roasted mixed grains and jam   3,00 €

               Berry compote with whipped cream
(berries, starch, whipped cream, sugar)

Barley cake

2,00 €

“Kama” drink

2,00 €

(kepfir with sugar and roasted mixed grains)


NB! Ask your waiter for information about allergens!