Kalma windmill

Dutch type windmill

Kalma windmill, ordered by Juhan Särk, was built by Mustvee mill builder Jakob Sõber in Kalma village, Torma parish. The former earned the money to build the mill by fishing in Lake Peipus. Kalma windmill is the museum exhibit of a Dutch type windmill which can be mainly recognised by the cap-like rotating roof with the sails. It was brought to the museum in 1972, rebuilt in 1991-1995.


Did you know?

  • Dutch windmills were used to grind straight flour, sieve flour and groats.
  • Strong wind from the north was considered to be good wind for grinding.
  • Flour was generally ground by the miller himself, but he would often have a boy assistant who worked during the night, too.
  • First sails for Kalma windmill were brought from Kreenholm textile factory in Narva.