"Museum on a big screen. 55 years of filming at the Estonian Open Air museum.“

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20th of May – 28th of September 2020


According to filmmakers, in a fast developing world museums are transforming into increasingly irreplaceable filming locations. But what is it like to film in an institution, whose primary purpose is to acquire, conserve and communicate heritage? The exhibition introduces the process of film-making in an open air museum environment throughout the museum´s past and is built upon the information provided by the museum staff and the filmmakers. A dozen screenings starting with a television film “To the cold land” (1965) and finishing with the classics “November” (2017) and “Truth and Justice” (2019) will be focused on.

The exhibition starts from the main gate and runs from yard to yard giving an opportunity to visit the filming locations of different productions. Every visitor receives a map containing brief introductions of the films, which will help one to walk through the museum´s filmworld. The exhibition ends in the cozy kiln room of the Kolga farm, where moving pictures of all the introduced films are displayed on a big screen.


The exhibition is sponsored by The Estonian Film Institute and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.