Winter season

  • Adult fee 8 €

    Discount fee 6 €

    Family fee 16 €

September 29, 2021 - April 22, 2022

The open air museum does not sleep during the winter season. It is a place to enjoy fresh air in the middle of a historic village. You can also use an opportunity to take a seat in one of the farms and talk with the mistress of the house. 


Horses Amoros and Elbrus take you on a ride Tues-Sun from 11.00 to 15.45! Stop is located opposite of Kolu inn. During the winter season, let us know at the ticket office if you want to go on a horse carriage ride. 

When coming to the open-air museum, dress according to the weather. Put on rain and windproof clothing and shoes that can be used to walk along the village roads. 


Michaelmas marked the end of outdoor chores and the beginning of indoor activities. During the dark and cold winter, the mistress had to do handicrafts, cook for the family and look after the children. The men were involved in carpentry, arranging agricultural tools, transporting timber and cutting and sawing firewood. The children pursued wisdom under the strict hand of the schoolmaster.

Visit the museum's farms, schoolhouse and village shop, swing by the Kolkhoz apartment building and tavern. There is much to see and many ways to take part in our winter activities.


The mistress of the Härjapea farm is working on finer handicrafts . At the farm, you can find out which object and what technique is currently used.


In the barn of Sepa Farm you can meet the sheep. Ask the mistress what they eat, how they are sheared and how the wool is used. In front of the barn you can saw trees with a double saw!


Mistress of the Kuie school introduces the school life of a child in the 19th century. If there are no classes in the classroom at the moment, you can try writing with a stylus.


At Setu Farm you can learn about woodblock printing and discover beautiful patterns of Setu, which can be found on both textiles and buildings.


In the Russian house from Peipus you can find out what chicory is and what to do with it before it becomes chicory coffee. Try how hard it is to grind chicory roots with a grinder!


Also take a peek into the covered yard, where you can find two lovely goats bleating, rabbits snacking on some hay and solve an animal-themed crossword puzzle!


At the Kolkhoz apartment building you can play children's board games from 1970 to 1980 and make an origami frog. After that you can explore what else has the museums newest building to offer.


In the Lau shop you can buy something sweet to take with you and you can enjoy traditional homely Estonian cuisine in the Kolu inn. 


NB! Please present your valid Covid sertificate at the ticket office. 


THE MUSEUM IS OPEN FROM TUES-SUN (closed on Mondays and on December 24, 25, 31). 

Buildings* are open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Museum park is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

*Following buildings are open: 
Härjapea, Sepa, Setu farms, Peipus-Russian Dwelling, Kolkhoz apartment building, Kolu Inn, Kuie School, Lau Shop, Handicraft Store.


Adults 8, concession fee 6, family fee 16 annual individual pass: 40 • annual family pass: 65

Family combo ticket for the Estonian Open Air Museum and Tallinn Zoo in winter: 17; annual combo family pass: 115.

Special prices can apply at museum events. Museum annual pass holders do not have to pay extra for such events.



• By car: free parking at the main gate of the museum.

• Public transport: buses No. 21 and 21b stop at the main gate of the museum (stop Rocca al Mare). Buses No. 22, 42 and 43: get off at the Zoo stop and take a 15-minute walk along the seaside road. Buses No. 41 and 41b take you back to the city centre. See timetables: