The Day of Mischievous Beggars of November

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    Family 16 €

November 7, 2021 at 11-15


The days are getting shorter and shorter and darkness is creeping up earlier and earlier. It is the time of souls, of all sorts of mystical beings to wander around. Have you heard of all the different beggars that can visit your home? Like the hideous St. Martin’s beggars, who make so much noise that they scare away the evil spirits? Or St Catherine's beggars, who are just as noisy but far more beautiful?


The Estonian Open Air Museum invites you to get acquainted with the beggars and spirits of November!


Pulga farm - All Souls' Day

The Master of the house and his wife are heating the sauna. They can tell you how to properly welcome the deceased ancestors on All Souls’ Day, as well as who the beggars and mysticals creatures are roaming around that day. Peek inside the window of the barn-dwelling to see a table set for the spirits. If you stay still and quiet, you might hear the beggars’ songs behind the door.


Härjapea farm - St Catherine's Day

At Härjapea farm, the beggars of St Catherine are preparing to go begging: they paint their cheeks with beetroot, practice songs and make beautiful bead necklaces. You can learn  traditional begging songs at 12.00, 13.00 and 14.00.

At Nullimaie sauna you can see a video about the St Catherine beggars - how do they look like and which role does each beggar have?


Lau shop - Fill  the Gift Bag

Buy some goods to put in a gift bag for the beggars! If you want to disguise as a beggar and go begging yourself, ask the shopkeeper for the good luck grains for throwing into people’s homes.


Kuie School - St. Martin’s Day

The family of St. Martin’s Days beggars has taken over the profession of the schoolmaster for one day and turned the Kuie School into the beggars school. How does a true beggar look like and how do they behave? What is the right way to welcome such beggars? Take part in the  beggars’ classes at 11.30, 12.30, 13.30, and 14.30 and you will know! During the breaks you can learn about the  members of the beggar family via video.


Kolkhoz Apartment Building - Make a Mask

Before going begging, you need to disguise yourself properly! Make a magnificent beggars mask  in the Kolkhoz apartment building.


Sepa Farm - Saint Andrew's Day

On Saint Andrew's Day, the cold arrived, a fire was burned all night and the future sweetheart was prophesied. The beggars of St Andrew were mostly men and carried a oven fork with them. The women of the Sepa farm tell you about the day and the beggars of St Andrew, and teach you how to predict a future husband or wife.


Kolu Inn

Order delicious St. Martin’s and St Catherine's Days dishes from the Kolu inn!  You can also watch videos of all the different members of the St Martin’s and St Catherine’s beggars families to check if you have remembered them all.


NB! A person wishing to participate in the event must provide their COVID certificate at the museum ticket office.

We kindly ask everyone 12 years of age or older to wear a mask inside the museum buildings. 

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