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February 15, 2015 at 11.00-15.00, sledging slope and Kolu inn at 10.00-17.00

February 17, 2015 at 15.00-18.00, sledging slope and Kolu inn at 10.00-22.00


Flax slide, long fibre!

Besides good flax fortune, sledging on Shrove Tuesday gives you red cheeks and good appetite for eating fatty pig’s trotters! No one should stay home on this day, come sledging to our slope and dancing to the inn.


Köstriaseme farm

Flax is a plant that people worry the most about on Shrove Tuesday, so they go sliding down the slopes in order to have beautiful flax fibre. What is flax like and how to get beautiful yarn from it – this you can find out on the threshing-floor and in the kiln barn of Köstriaseme. Spinning was forbidden on Shrove Tuesday but you could twirl laces of peasants´ leather shoes or plait a string. In order to make sure that flax will grow well, you can ask for a wisp of flax to sit on during sledging or a bag of flax seeds from the hosts of Köstriaseme farm. Then the flax will be beautiful and long!

Sepa farm

Before semla buns with whipped cream became popular, people used to bake small semla bread, it was supposed to bring luck to the herd. It was not eaten but divided between animals when spring came. During Shrovetide a Christmas hog was divided between animals instead. As it was a holiday, pancakes were made for the family. In order to get red cheeks, women should drink red drinks on Shrove Tuesday.

Lau village shop

People are supposed to eat little during the Lent, thus Shrove Tuesday is just the right time to have the last sweet candies. The saleslady knows exactly what to recommend!

Who has an accurate eye, can get a sweet mouthful by guessing how many peas there are in the jar.

Kuie School

Eating of pig’s trotters is accompanied by a nice possibility to make yourself a humming top of a pig’s leg bone. Come make one at the kitchen of Kuie School. Spinning a top is an excellent task for both the small and the grown-ups – see who will be the first one to get the humming top working!

According to an old tradition, wooden disks or “pigs” are driven to the field with sticks on Shrove Tuesday. This should keep the pigs together in summer so that they would not wander around. In Muhumaa kids used to colour their “pigs”. You can colour your “pig” yourself at the school room as well, and later drive it to the field from the yard of Muhu’s Jüri-Jaagu farm.

Härjapea farm

Semla bun is a beloved delicacy during this holiday. Did you know that in Estonia people started to eat semla buns with whipped cream only at the beginning of 20th century? In the kitchen, the hostess is baking delicacies according to an old recipe.

In Catholic countries Shrove Tuesday or the beginning of the Lent is celebrated with colourful carnivals. In the 1930s, Estonians also used to celebrate Shrove Tuesday with a dancing party where people were wearing masks. The daughters of the family are getting ready for the party and they are making funny masks.

Path of rebus

Between Nätsi windmill and the sledging slope it is possible to test your eyesight and find out if you can really see what is in the picture.

Shrove Tuesday games in Jüri-Jaagu yard

On Shrove Tuesday people tried to make sure that their pigs would stay together in summer and would not wander around. Therefore, “pigs were driven to the field” – come and drive pigs to the field too, so that our pigs would stay in the pen in summer. Driving a bundle of old rags (in Estonian called kada) into the forest was supposed to keep all the bad things away from the village. Old Shrove Tuesday games will also keep you from getting cold.

On the halfpace of the barn you can see an exhibition of old winter vehicles and transportation devices.

Sledging slope and ice merry-go-round

There is no Shrove Tuesday without a slide down the slope! You can have a long and awesome slide down the slopes of the hill at the museum’s windmills. Then you can see who will have the longest flax next summer. If you do not have a sledge with you, then you can have your Shrove Tuesday slide also on the pond with the ice merry-go-round. NB! This is possible only in case of suitable weather conditions!

Be careful on the sledging slope and take other sliding people into account! Sliding is only at your own risk!

Kolu inn

You can still enjoy good food and dance before the beginning of the spring Lent.

Food: As to Shrove Tuesday, the most important thing is to eat pig’s trotters so that your fingers are greasy! You should not lick this fat from your fingers, otherwise the skin of your fingers will be flaking in summer. Kolu inn offers also a delicious pea soup and wonderful semla buns on this festive day.

Trolling: On Sunday at 1 p.m., children of Pelgulinna Folklooriklubi (folklore club) and Lastefolk are waiting for everybody at the stable to play together splendid singing games.

No one can stay home on a real Shrove Tuesday evening! After sliding down the slopes, we are waiting everyone to a nice Shrove Tuesday party! On Tuesday from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m., you can have fun at the stable of Kolu inn just like it used to be at an old village party. Musicians of Tallinn dance club will play for dancing and you can learn traditional dances.


 ...and it is said that if a spinster proposes to someone on Shrove Tuesday, this person cannot turn her down!



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