Preparations for St. Martin’s Day

  • Adult fee 8 €

    Discount fee 6 €

    Family fee 16 €

November 4, 2018

from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


St. Martin’s Day is one of the merriest and most colourful holidays in the Estonian folk calendar. On this day children and adults dress in old shabby coats, smear their faces with soot and go door to door singing songs, asking riddles and wishing good luck and happiness to the families.  

At the Estonian Open Air museum you can learn about the customs of St. Martin’s Day and make a beggar’s mask for yourself.


The housewife of Sepa farm tells how she went trick-or-treating in her childhood and calls to mind St. Martins’ beggars’ unwonted riddles.

Traditional Martinmas dishes and dishes for St. Martins’s beggars are prepared at Härjapea farm

At Kuie School one can see how St. Martins’ beggars used to disguise themselves in the past. Everyone can craft a genuine Martinmas mask to take along.

From Lau village shop you can buy hard candy to share with St. Martin’s beggars.

Kolu Inn offers traditional soup.


Life at Peipus-Russian dwelling and Seto farm runs its ordinary course. The housewives of Peipus-Russian house boil tea in a samovar and the family of Seto farm bakes blinis.