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    Family fee 16 €

October 2, 2021, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

When the autumn field work and grazing are over, it is time to celebrate properly. Onion and fish day will be part of the harvest day of the Setos and Old Believers. As both communities are famous for their vegetable gardening and fishing skills, there is a fair where you can buy the best Peipsi onions, various fish and other goodies. In the farms you can get acquainted with Peipsiveere and Setu food culture and handicrafts. There is a Seto prayer, followed by a celebration with Seto traditional singing "Leelo" and dances.


The village green between Seto Farm and the Peipus Russian dwelling


Onion, fish and other delicacies

Slavic and Seto folk games and trials of strenght

Samovar tea

11.00 Peipsi Russian onion grower Lilli Tarakanov onion growing tips and onion patch weaving workshop

12.30 Concert of Seto Folklore Ensemble Sõsarõ

13.30 Concert of the Slavic Folklore Ensemble Suprjadki


In the old dwelling of Seto Farm

10.00-15.00 Preparation of Seto St. Michael's Day dishes


In the new dwelling of Seto Farm

11:30 a.m. Seto prayer

12.30-15.00 Abundance Puppet Workshop


Lake Peipsi Russian dwelling

10.00-15.00 Preparation of Old Believer onion and fish dishes

11.00-15.00 Pavel Varunin teaching old Church Slavic language



By car: free parking at the parking lot at the main entrance of the museum or at the rear entrance parking lot (about 1 km from the main entrance in the direction of Kakumäe). 

By public transport: buses No. 21 and 21B will bring you to the main entrance of the museum (bus stop Rocca al Mare) or to the rear gate closer to the event location (bus stop Õismäe raba). Buses No. 41 and 41b will get you from the museum to the city centre. 


NB! A person wishing to participate in the event must show their COVID certificate at the museum ticket office.