• Free admission!

May 18, 2019 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.


On Saturday, 18th of May 2019, Estonian museums will open their doors for visitors for a night full of special events and exhibitions, celebrating the Night of Museums. In 2019, the much-loved Museum Night will take place under an umbrella theme of ‘Night of Patterns’ - exploring the patterns around us in culture, society, nature  etc. 

Threshing barns and farmyards, everyday items and festive clothes, stone walls and forest groves in the Estonian Open Air Museum form countless patterns. Our gates are open for the Museum Night and every visitor is welcome to discern this beauty in our exposition for themselves.


Sassi-Jaani farm: Dance is a language of patterns that can be interpreted differently by each person. Every shape, step or lifting tells a story. Folk dance ensemble Soveldaja will greet the Museum Night visitors with their programme at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Köstriaseme farm: Every pattern contains a bit of history. The hostess of Köstriaseme reminisces and tries to re-create an intriguingly ornamented broomstick from the doorstep her childhood home.

Kolu Inn: The tavern is displaying the exhibition „Läbi lillede“ (“Flowery Expressions”) curated by craftswoman Lembe Sihvre. The exhibition features blankets with floral embroidery made by various handicraft clubs and associations.

Härjapea farm: Väätsa Maanaiste Selts (Väätsa Rural Women Association) is organising a home cafe to raise money for the folk costumes of their parish choir. The Song Festival is approaching and women need to dress up! Come and see the patterns that these ladies have weaved into their baked goods!

Pulga farm: Cross, square, ring, zigzag, triangle and looped square – these symbols were adopted thousands of years ago and sprung from ancient pagan beliefs. Each of these ornaments has featured on figured belts — one of the finest and most important components of our folk costumes. Have you ever witnessed how an authentic figured belt is made? The hostess of Pulga farm will demonstrate her skills and methods.

Lau village shop: Striped candy, squared chocolate bars, round-shaped biscuits! The shopkeeper has something delicious for everyone’s tastes!

Pattern-seeking game: Grab a game sheet from the ticket office and spot the exciting patterns in the farmyards! Participants will enter a lottery draw for a free ticket!