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September 17, 2017, at 10 am - 4 pm

Fair at 10 am - 4 pm and activities at the farms at 11 am - 4 pm. 

In the middle of the harvest time we welcome everybody interested in traditional Estonian food. The hero of the day is home-made rye bread which can be called the king of our food. On Estonian Bread Day we take a look at how bread is made starting from threshing and grinding grain and finishing with how the bread is eaten. Other older Estonian dishes are also introduced. Tasty Estonian food and authentic handicraft can be bought from the autumn fair.


Sutlepa chapel

At 11.30 am Blessing of bread


Main road

Tasty Estonian food and authentic handicraft inspired by the traditions of our ancestors can be bought from the big autumn fair opened alongside the main road.  


Sassi-Jaani farm

Organic farmyard. Once again, the Estonian organic farmers hold a fair and introduce organic products. The selection of the audience’s favourite organic product takes place between 12 pm–1 pm.


Köstriaseme farm

Köstriaseme folk are busy threshing the grain in order to separate the chaff from the grain. Like this, delicious rye bread can be baked after returning from the mill. In the summer kitchen housewives give tips on what edible and medicinal plants can be picked from the forest.  


Kolu Inn

Kolu Inn offers hearty dishes. Mighty men’s folk song ensemble Lüü-Türr and children’s  violin ensemble Tuuleviiulid perform.

At 11 am and 1 pm Tuuleviiulid

At 12 pm and 2 pm Lüü-Türr

At 3 pm Award ceremony: Best Organic Product 2017, Best Organic producer 2017, and the announcement of audience’s favourite organic product


Sauna of Härjapea farm

The cotters are heating the sauna and telling what used to be mixed into the bread dough during the years of crop failure. The loafs of bread which may be astonishing to modern day people can also be tasted. Try to figure out which loaf of bread has been made from rye flour only!


Härjapea farm – bread baking and butter churning

Mouth-watering aroma of freshly baked bread fills the chambers of Härjapea farm as the housewife is in the middle of baking bread. The girls of the house are busy churning butter. What could taste better than an oven-fresh bread with home-made butter?


Nätsi windmill

A bread fair is held around Nätsi windmill. Kolu Inn is offering warm drinks and snacks. The Polli Zoo is entertaining the tiniest visitors.

At 2 pm The Estonian Bakers’ Society and the Estonian Chamber of Chimney Sweepers lead the relay races for the kids. Prizes for the quickest! 


Swing grounds

A pie festival is held on the swing grounds. Already for the second year the local non-profit organization MTÜ Kakumäe Elu organises a community event where home chefs from the Haabersti district offer visitors their most delicious sweet and salty delicacies. Several competitions are held, a festive atmosphere is created by musicians and other performers. Come and enjoy the dainties baked by the home chefs from Kakumäe.

Additional information on the Facebook page of Kakumäe Elu.   


Kuie School

On the yard of Kuie School you can see merry nature friends Kertu and Liis in a play called: „Help Juku to learn about wastes“. The play by the Producer Responsibility Organisation has also fun tasks to teach children the importance of environmental friendliness and recycling. All the kids who participate in the programme get an award badge. The play starts at 11 am, 1  pm and 3 pm. Dear parents, the programme is suitable for children from age 4 and is of interest for the elementary school kids as well.

Between the plays children can fold paper hearts, birds and boats.  


Sepa farm

The first kolkhoz in Estonia was founded in 1947. Although life at a kolkhoz was not a bed of roses, the end of farm works had to be celebrated.

On the yard of Sepa farm a harvest festival of the Järvesalu kolkhoz from the year 1963 is held. There is a lot to celebrate since a cornerstone has been set in the construction of new cow-shed and appartement house. Together beloved songs are sang and the chairman of the kolkhoz gives an encouraging speech.


Seto farm and Peipus-Russian dwelling

Orthodox Setos as well as Russian Old Believers hold several fasts throughout the year. For centuries they have acquired knowledge and skills on how to preserve certains foods.

At the newer part of the Seto farm you can learn about all the different products that can be canned in order to have your own food supplies for the winter time.

At Peipus-Russian house forest and garden products are dried. Fast period pancakes without eggs and milk are made.  




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