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    Discount fee 6 €

    Family fee 16 €

December 19 and 20, 2020

11 a.m.-4 p.m.

Admission with the winter season ticket

Christmas is the time for families and relatives to come together and share the joys and sorrows, to feel the Christmas peace and to spend the darkest time of the year with loved ones. The Estonian Open Air Museum invites people of all ages to take part in the Christmas festivities. Explore the Christmas table of the olden times, pour good luck at the smithy, buy something nice at the fair, take a picture under the Christmas tree, make Christmas decorations from straw or ride a carousel instead!


For those who want to get themselves into the Christmas Spirit


Sassi-Jaani Farm

Travel back in time at Sassi-Jaani's barn-dwelling by immersing yourself in the videographic journey of the Christmas celebrations of previous times. From the video clips of the Film Archive, you can see what Christmas customs were like in the 20th century.


Kolu Inn


The surroundings of the Kolu Inn are buzzing joyfully – you can hear the sound of Christmas carols and see flashes of stripy skirts swirling along with the dances.

At the Christmas market, vendors are selling their most exquisite goods,which make the perfect last minute gifts for the upcoming holidays. Father Christmas is welcoming all the good children from 1 to 3 p.m. Write down your Christmas wishes and hang them on the Christmas tree!


Outside of the Kolu Inn

Saturday, December 19

 At 3 p.m. Chamber Choir of Estonian Art Academy


Sunday, December 20

At 12:p.m. dance group Soveldaja

At 1 p.m. Vocal ensemble of Tallinn French Lyceum

At 2:30 p.m. dance group Soveldaja


Stable of Kolu Inn

During Christmas, straw was brought into the barn-dwelling and the rooms were decorated with it. At the stable of Kolu Inn, the crafty folk are welcome to create Christmas decorations from straw.


19.12 at 14:00 Nõmme Heritage School

20.12 at 14:00 Children from the Meero Muusik music school


Nätsi Windmill

What are those shrieks and cries coming from the sea? It’s the retro carousel called Sun Wheel, which awaits passengers regardless of age and size.


Barn-dwelling of Pulga Farm At Pulga Farm, the room is beautifully decorated in the anticipation of Christmas: „crowns“ (traditional Christmas decorations) are hanging from the ceiling, and straw has been brought inside. The table has been  layed out abundantly. The family is stuffing sausages, playing old games and telling about ways to protect oneself from evil.


Smithy and Sauna of Pulga Farm

The smith is busy before the new year; the whole village wants to know what the next year will bring. You can “pour” good luck in the smithy.

Next to the smithy, the sauna is also heating up. Before going to the church, one has to get clean in the sauna. The Christmas sauna gives health, lifts the spirit for whole festive period and brings luck for finding a good wife.


Sutlepa Chapel

The chapel has been decorated for the holidays and it oozes the Christmas spirit. In the quiet and peaceful chapel, you can take a moment to slow down and look into yourself.


Sunday, December 20th

At 3 p.m. Christmas prayer conducted by teacher Toomas Paul.



Lau Village Shop

Send your holiday wishes to your loved ones! At the Lau village shop, the post office is open. You can buy postcards and sweets as well as other necessary and exciting things to gift your family and friends. The shop ladies can recommend the best bargains.


Setu Farm and Russian house from Peipus celebrate Christmas according to the old calendar on January 6 and 7, but their doors are open nonetheless. Step in and find out what the Setus and Peipus Russians are doing when Estonians celebrate Christmas. At Setu Farm, the hostess is making bread and the whole room is full of the sweet smell of fresh bread. At the Peipus house, apples are being dried during the fasting period.


Prefabricated house

Come and see the Prefabricated house - wooden construction competence center. There is an exciting exhibition on the history and present of Estonian wooden construction here. If you have a smartphone you can take part in a quiz. You can visit us in any weather!