Candlemas Day

  • Adult fee 8 €

    Discount fee 6 €

    Family fee 16 €

February 3, 2019 

from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Candlemas is the first important women’s holiday of the early spring. On that day women visited each other and went to the inn and left men responsible for the chores. Similarly to other women's holidays important custom was drinking red drink to assure rosy cheeks for the girls.


At Sepa farm the housewife teaches how to make candles from mutton fat.

In the classroom of Kuie School candle rings are made.

At Härjapea farm the housewives are cooking traditional Candlemas dishes and offering red drink to the visitors.

In Peipus-Russian dwelling everyone can try to roll a candle from beeswax (cost of the material is 2 €).

At Seto farm the housewife is sewing belt pockets – it is believed that when a needle is used on Candlemas Day, a wolf cannot see to attack the herd in summer time.

In Lau village shop one can find tasty sweets, red drink and lots of other special offers.

Kolu Inn is offering hearty dishes.